OpenFDA,  2015


Want to see some interesting relationships between adverse events or recalls and Twitter? Claire draws correlations between negative tweets, drug recalls and clusters of adverse events.

Project Details

Claire is a product for drug manufacturing marketers, drug researchers, and the general public. The system correlates adverse events for drugs, consumed from FDA data sources, to positive and negative sentiments expressed on Twitter for that drug. The results are aggregated by drug and displayed in user-friendly graphs.

Interface Driven Development

Interface Driven Development (IDD) puts the user first. We start with features and enhancements by first working on the user interface, which drives requirements gathering and also helps determine the architecture. I helped facilitate and guide the team from the beginning by conducting discovery workshops to collaborate with the customer on high-level requirements, user experience workflow, and user interfaces. We continued to flesh out user experience and wireframes, with collaboration from development team. We also conducted customer reviews of designs and connect our UX process to our Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) model. The result was stories with built-in design and testable criteria to drive our definition of complete.

Customizing Analytics

We integrated several types of graphs to display the analytical data in a unique manner to draw visual correlation between negative tweets, adverse events and recalls.

Responsive Prototype

The prototype was tested in the following browsers and hardware:

Open Source Technologies

We utilized the following modern and open source technologies, among others: